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At the ADI Conference in Louisville, KY in April, I delivered a talk and an accompanying white paper to the conference on the current state of the Craft Distillery market, highlighting the tremendous growth in the industry to that point, and the opportunities ahead. The paper and research have become the reference source for data on the Craft Distilling market, and have created wonderful opportunities to engage with the press and other tastemakers in the Craft Distilling and food communities. Over 150 people have downloaded the white paper (available here, of course) so far.

Coverage has included industry and trade press, such as Modern Distillery Age, Whisky-Drinker.com and Dowd’s Spirits Notebook, and mass-market media such as Time Business online and, most recently, MSNBC/Today. While all of the coverage I could link to is available on our Press page, I would like to draw particular attention to the interview on Damon Boelte’s internet radio show, The Speakeasy. Damon was an excellent, informed host, and I encourage listening to other episodes as well.

What has captured the imagination of many in the paper is the uncanny similarity between the growth path of the Craft Distilling market, and that of the Craft Brewers 20 years prior. That chart is below…


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