Founder’s Blog: Site Leased, November, 2011

Angus began conversations with our site owners many years ago, and as he got to know them, he discussed the idea of using the space as a distillery. They were excited at the prospect, and we’re glad to have them as part of the Coppersea family.


The site, on a bluff above the Hudson River, has a feature that makes it uniquely qualified to house a distillery: an 80,000-Gallon cistern, fed directly from an on-site well, sitting slightly uphill from the distillery house itself.


The prior owners of the site, the Holy Cross Monastery nearby, had constructed the building to use as a print shop. It has ample space for us to build out our “traditional-methods” production facility, a large barreling loft, and separated space for the “front of the house,” where we’ll greet visitors, and have Coppersea products available for sale.


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