Tasting Notes

With top notes of vanilla, apricot and caramel, it is rounded out with notes of walnuts, coconut and toasted corn bread.

To Serve

Use as a base for cocktails calling for Bourbon or Rye, or sip neat, over rocks, or with club soda & lemon wedge.


A blend of Straight Bourbon, Straight Rye, and Straight Corn Whiskies. Bottled at 96 proof / 48% ABV


Springtown Straight Whisky Batch Log

  • Batch No.
    Proof at Harvest
    Special Notes
  • Batch No.:18-01
    Harvested:Q2 2018
    Proof at Harvest:104
    Special Notes:72% Corn Whisky, 11% Bourbon, 16% Malt Rye
  • Batch No.:18-02
    Harvested:Q4 2018
    Proof at Harvest:104
    Special Notes:81% Corn Whisky, 7% Rye, 12% Malt Rye

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