Pear Eau de Vie

Pear Eau de Vie

Pear Eau de Vie is part of Coppersea’s single-farm-sourced line of premier spirits. All of the fruit in the current (2015) release comes from Clapp’s Favorite pears grown at Dolan Orchards located near Coppersea in upstate New York.



Tasting Notes

Pear Eau de Vie brings pear flavor to the fore with delicacy and grace. This subtle spirit is best enjoyed as a digestif; its light, lingering finish would also complement desserts strong in vanilla or almonds, or blue-veined cheeses.

Technical Information

Mashed in 50-gallon barrels on the full fruit
2-step distillation to approximately 120 proof
Bottled at 90 proof
Alcohol: 45%

More info from Wilson Daniels