Green Malt Rye

Green Malt Rye

Green Malt Rye is an oak-aged single malt rye whisky made with 100 percent unkilned, or “green,” rye malt. Typically, malted grain is kiln-dried after the germination process to generate nutty flavors and aromas but also to make it non-perishable for shipping. Since Coppersea is one of the rare distilleries in the world to malt its grain in-house, we are able to use the fresh green malt immediately, preserving the earthy, herbaceous qualities that are lost in kilning. Coppersea Distilling is proud to bring this ancient, all-but-lost style of whisky back into the world.


Tasting Notes

Green Malt Rye is richly herbaceous and floral with huge notes of vetiver, anise and honeysuckle. Restrained barrel character offers caramel, vanilla and nutmeg. This is a very complex whisky to be savored and pondered in a snifter or copita, possibly with a few drops of water to reveal additional depth.

Technical Information

100% floor-malted Hudson Valley rye
Aging: 7 months
Alcohol: 45%

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