Pear Brandy

Pear Brandy & Eau de Vie

Coppersea’s Pear Brandy and Eau de Vie are made entirely from pears sourced in New York’s Hudson Valley. We mash whole pears in our battery of open-top oak hogsheads and ferment them with a combination of champagne yeast and wild yeast. The mash is then distilled twice in our simple, direct-fired copper pot stills.

The clear pear spirit is then reposed for 6-9 months and bottled for Eau de Vie. Brandy is aged for at least one year in new American charred oak barrels, giving it restrained and elegant oak aromas and flavors.

Tasting Notes

Pear Eau de Vie is redolent of fresh pears, with a rich entry and deep finishing notes. Ideal as a digestif on its own or paired with dates or blue-veined cheeses.

Coppersea Pear Brandy has a voluptuous nose of candied pear, tangerine and pineapple with caramel and vanilla opening up even more on the palate. The finish is long with a Maderia-like rancio note.

Technical Information

Mashed in 50-gallon barrels of the full fruit
2-step distillation to approximately 120 proof
Brandy aged 1 year-plus in new American charred oak barrels
Bottled at 96 proof
Alcohol: 48%

Pear Brandy & Eau de Vie