Founder’s Blog: The Early Going (2008-2010)

One day, in early 2008, Copperse’s distiller and co-founder Angus MacDonald posted a note on (an old-school online community we were both on from long ago) asking if anyone might be interested in helping him get a craft distillery off the ground.


So began the journey that brought us to where we are today.


Although we had a solid business plan and were starting to have conversations with potential investors as early as mid-Summer, 2008, our desire to move ahead came head-to-head with the reality of the global financial crisis that hit in Autumn. Angus and I continued to maintain contact &, but kept active development on the back burner until the funding environment opened up.


By late-2010 the time felt right to make a move. Revising the business plan showed no slow-down in the rapid growth of the Craft Distilling market, and I knew Angus’ distilling knowledge and my business & operations background would be a strong combination…



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