Founder’s Blog: The Closing, July, 2011

Our investor pool is the classic “Angel” financing model of raising capital from friends and family. I am very grateful to all of our investors, and, like most entrepreneurs, I have also invested my own money. I believe it’s important to show enough confidence in the business that investors know you stand right alongside them, for good & bad.


I began speaking with potential investors again in late-2010, and by mid-March, I felt confident that we would be able to raise enough initial capital to make the business a reality.


We formally incorporated the company in February, and spent the next several months going through terms and conditions of the financing, and, then, the glorious legal root canal of finalizing the documents.  We officially “closed” the initial financing in late-July, 2011.


And three days later I gave notice at work to devote myself full-time to Coppersea.



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