Corn Whisky

Corn Whisky

Coppersea Corn Whisky is a throwback to an earlier era of American whisky-making. Prior to the legal standardization of new charred oak barrels for our nation’s most ubiquitous whisky categories, American distillers often reconditioned and reused barrels several times. Sometimes they utilized barrels that previously held wine, beer or even fish! Coppersea’s Corn Whisky doesn’t go quite that far, but does venture into this largely abandoned territory. We age our Corn Whisky in a combination of second-use bourbon, rye, brandy and wine barrels as well as barrels that they have reconditioned and retoasted themselves. We then blend from individual barrels to achieve a spirit both robust and balanced.


Tasting Notes

Coppersea Corn Whisky is assertive and complex when served straight, while also offering a dynamic range of flavor for use in cocktails. Big red fruit notes (strawberries, currants) on the nose mingle with a cornbread backbone to resolve into a confectionery effect (think strawberry shortcake). On the palate those notes are filled out by the subtle vanilla and toast notes imparted by the oak. The finish is long and satisfying.


Technical Information

80% Hudson Valley corn
20% floor-malted Hudson Valley barley
Aged for at least 6 months in a combination of second-use bourbon, rye, brandy and wine barrels
Alcohol: 48%

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Coppersea Corn Whisky