Grains: Malting Our Own

Malting is the process of allowing grain to sprout. Only malted grains have the enzymes to convert starch to sugar and are thus necessary for making whiskey mash. Although new local malting facilities, such as Valley Malt in Hadley, Massachusetts, have begun to emerge, we decided to begin our own malting program to retain control […]

Grains: Supporting Local Farmers

We have long held that distilling is a culinary art, and we are glad to help the local food revolution extend into distilled spirits. We take our ingredients seriously and began building relationships with local farmers long before we had started Coppersea. Although it sounds simple, better grain and better water make better whiskey. We […]

Late 2012…Licensing & First Runs

In the dog days of July the TTB and NYSLA approved our federal and state licenses. Christopher Williams, our Distiller Manager, joined us about that time, and we immediately set about finding late-season fruit to make Eau de Vie, and grains to test our whiskey recipes. These initial efforts paid off with some amazing Peach […]

Spreading the News…

At the ADI Conference in Louisville, KY in April, I delivered a talk and an accompanying white paper to the conference on the current state of the Craft Distillery market, highlighting the tremendous growth in the industry to that point, and the opportunities ahead. The paper and research have become the reference source for data on […]

Roll In the Barrels!

As we continue our build-out, Angus has been continually keeping tabs on opportunities to acquire solid equipment at favorable prices, and such an opportunity came along last week. A craigslist ad appeared offering several dozen used wine barrels (and other equipment) from a business that offered wine-making classes that was in, pardon the pun, liquidation. We were […]

Founder’s Blog: Site Leased, November, 2011

Angus began conversations with our site owners many years ago, and as he got to know them, he discussed the idea of using the space as a distillery. They were excited at the prospect, and we’re glad to have them as part of the Coppersea family.   The site, on a bluff above the Hudson […]

Founder’s Blog: The Closing, July, 2011

Our investor pool is the classic “Angel” financing model of raising capital from friends and family. I am very grateful to all of our investors, and, like most entrepreneurs, I have also invested my own money. I believe it’s important to show enough confidence in the business that investors know you stand right alongside them, […]

Founder’s Blog: The Early Going (2008-2010)

One day, in early 2008, Copperse’s distiller and co-founder Angus MacDonald posted a note on (an old-school online community we were both on from long ago) asking if anyone might be interested in helping him get a craft distillery off the ground.   So began the journey that brought us to where we are […]